Haversack, M1928 (british style hooks)

The name ‘Haversack’ originates from its usage to carry ‘Havercake’ and almost certainly related to Hafer, the German word for oats. The term Haversack was introduced in the American Civil War era to carry fourty rounds of ammunition and rations for four days. The pack developped later into the M1910 type which is essentially a sheet of rugged khaki-colored canvas that folds around its contents (bedroll, clothing, daily rations, and assorted personal items), and is held together by flaps and adjustable buckle-straps. Only minor adjustments were made to create the M1928 model Haversack. These were used until the end of the war, however it was replaced by the M1944 and later M1945 two-part Canvas Combat Field Pack configuration.

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